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Stetson University Green Pages

Web Developer

Stetson University is a nationally ranked university founded in 1883, with four colleges and schools located across central Florida.

The Challenge

Recreate the campus directory as a single page PHP application and tie it into the universities single-sign-on system.

Project Details

This project is a single page PHP application. It shows basic data if the user is logged out, and will show additional data once the user logs in using the university single-sign-on system. Additionally, an option had to be added to allow users to opt-in to having their headshot displayed on the directory.

Key Takeaways

While this project was earlier in my career, it gave me great experience in application development. One specific area of growth during this project was with debugging. I ran into weird issues with the way the single-sign-on system brought in data. In the end, the code was much cleaner and more efficient than the original version of the application.

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